• The future of lens control

    All of the performance of the MK3.1 Receiver, with a host of modern tech to create a forward-thinking integration platform.

    Control RTMotion Smart Motors on RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony and all common cameras. Compatible with all RTMotion ecosystem controllers & accessories.

    RED integration; Control EA/AF Focus/Iris, Shutter, ISO and button-features (2x Magnification, Edge, Focus Assist) on RED DSMC/DSMC2 with our MK3.1 Controller and/or Smartknob.

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RTMotion LCS MK3.1

We make one of the world's best Lens Control Systems, trailblazing the use of new technologies to improve the tools we use everyday.

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  • Accessory Ecosystem

    Our Thumbwheel S and X are now shipping from stock! Stay tuned for Zoomrocker variant, to be released early 2017.

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  • Introducing the Smartknob

    Standalone functionality. Control Focus/Iris with EF and Nikon lenses on REDTM.

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