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RT Motion Systems is a small but fast growing, UK based company that is advancing rapidly in the Remote Lens Control market. Along with leading steadicam partners MK-V, RT Motion is really creating a storm with the new MK3.1 which is gaining praise for its lightweight yet robust design and rock solid FHSS wireless technology. Perfect for professionals who need to keep light and mobile.

As one of the first to use brushless motor technology, RT Motion Motors give unparalleled smoothness, reduced noise and four-times increased service life than brushed motors. The modern smart-motor form factor has enabled the smallest lightest receiver on the market, with 3-axis control as standard.

The origins of RT Motion Systems began in 2007, when collaborators Kris Bird (director of photography & electrical engineer) and Jamie Mullaney (jib/steadicam op & machinist engineer) wanted to remote focus for the duration of a 6-week shoot. The budget for a traditional 2-axis LCS would only stretch to a week, so there was the perfect excuse to improvise a solution. After some weeks of electronics work and manual metal-machining the wired system was basic, but enabled shots that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

By early 2009, there were still very limited options on the market for multi-axis control. Kris and Jamie decided to invest the time and money in developing the world's first affordable multi-axis remote lens control solution- the RT Motion Mark 1 was released.

2010/11 saw rapid refinement and expansion for the company, including investment in high-end CNC machining facilities to reduce out-sourcing costs and improve production precision to aerospace levels. This enabled the company to develop and tune it's first true 'vertical smart motor'.

2014/2015 sees the expansion of the product range, particularly in areas which take advantage of the completely unique brushless (intelligent) motors with integrated drive electronics.

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